Our History


Our Mission at Jewellers Trade Shop is to create the best experience imaginable by offering the best service, brands and custom jewellery Celebrating its 129th anniversary this year, Hijab Gold Collection distributes its unique and exquisite brand of jewellery throughout the country. Unprecedented success both within and outside of those borders, the company’s brand identity has long been steered by a deep global sensibility. Today, Hijab Gold Collection core philosophy is the original design and sale of a fun, versatile, and affordable luxury collection designed to meet the varied and dynamic needs of trend-conscious women and girls worldwide. онлайн казино всегда были интересными

We Create Unique Jewelry design

We have a stunning and amazing wedding rings collections in different designs and styles. Our luxurious rings collections are ornated with precious pearls, diamonds, and crystals, etc.

We offer gold Jewellery with a decent design and best quality of gold. We have a wide range of Gold and Diamond Jewellery collections of all the latest varieties.

We have all the type of jewellery that is perfect for every occasion whether party events or wedding events. Our jewellery designs are unique and traditional. онлайн казино

Main Sadar Road Peshawar Cantt